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Your Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas Gifting Square one

Ok so for those of you that are like me and still have over half of your Christmas shopping to do (alright, all of your Christmas shopping to do) then this article might just put you on the path to success and help you combat that Christmas shopping list without half of your presents being subtly re gifted or donated to the local charity shops.

Choosing the right gift

Try starting with this question, who am I buying for and what do they like? Make a list the bigger the better! If your close to them you should already have a few ideas of subjects they like or are interested in but if your struggling try stalking there social feeds for some inspiration on the places they’ve been or interests, this should give you enough ammo to make that list and boost your success rates while out shopping. Try solving some of their issues, for example if there a worrier or always on the go why not look for a personalised note pad to write everything down and organise their day. Or if they love a bit of glam then why not get them some jewellery, make up or perfume?

TIP: Think of the long run you want the present to last longer than January!

Most wanted gifts

These are a few of the most wanted gifts for HER this Christmas:

Roll Neck Jumper

Perfect for the cold Winter days that are going to be coming for the next 3 months. Easy to wear with jeans as an everyday warm outfit choice.

An Every Day Scarf

The ideal finish to every Winter outfit a luxuriously soft scarf in autumnal tones always puts a smile on her face.

A Pair Of Gloves

Keeping those Fingers warm and adding a bit of style is a perfect combo. Try looking for some with a pom pom on or glitter or pearls to add something special to the gift.

Statement Jewellery

This season we’ve seen a lot of Scandinavian inspired jewellery, very clean and chic with lots of circles as the go to style.


This one is up to you. If your going for practical then try buying a flat boot with faux fur lining or top to give comfort and warmth or if your thinking they like to make a statement then try a textured boot with an animal print


Try this for size

Here’s our choice of the perfect present for HER this Christmas that are sure to be winners!