Winter Gardening

The temperatures have dropped, we’re wrapping up warm, and some of us have already started to turn the heating on at home.

While we get back into full-on hygge mode, we cant let our cherished outdoor spaces go to waste, so we need to prep for the cold, dark weather. There’s lots to be done and its mind boggling where to start so we’ve been asking local experts on what to do when to keep your gardens maintained and fresh through the Winter.

Dig Up Your Annuals

Well known for bringing a blast of colour to our Gardens in the Summer months these plants are renowned for not surviving the cold snap.

Out With The Old And In With The New

Just like clearing our wardrobes out weeding is essential at this time of year. Lets be honest its a gardeners worst nightmare but if you don’t want a mammoth task on your hands when the weather warms up again it needs to be done.

Winter Colours

Were starting to look for new colours for our Winter wardrobes and golden tones like caramel have been a big hit this season, but as we edge into the Winter months we see an abundence of grey tones in our gardens. Plants such as heather, cyclamen, pansies and snowdrops that can be grown in pots and hanging baskets to bring pops of colour. Burgundy has been another warming colour this season mixed with jade greens.

Keeping Trim

Time to do some trimming! Although perennials are hard wearing and reliable plants they can spread like wild fire, so its important we make sure to cut them back to soil level and dispose of all the clippings to prevent them from totally submerging our garden spaces.

Last But Not Least

Just as our outdoor plants need looking after so do our indoor plants as they’ll be adjusting to the change in tempreature from our heating. Ensure to keep them away from any radiators and remember in the winter months growth slows or goes dormant and they require less water and barely any fertiliser.

Lets Get Botanical

Now we’ve got all your gardens prepared for the the coming Winter, below is our chosen Winter warmers with a botanical twist!