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Your Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas Gifting Square one

Ok so for those of you that are like me and still have over half of your Christmas shopping to do (alright, all of your Christmas shopping to do) then this article might just put you on the path to success and help you combat that Christmas shopping list without half of your presents being subtly re gifted or donated to the local charity shops.

Choosing the right gift

Try starting with this question, who am I buying for and what do they like? Make a list the bigger the better! If your close to them you should already have a few ideas of subjects they like or are interested in but if your struggling try stalking there social feeds for some inspiration on the places they’ve been or interests, this should give you enough ammo to make that list and boost your success rates while out shopping. Try solving some of their issues, for example if there a worrier or always on the go why not look for a personalised note pad to write everything down and organise their day. Or if they love a bit of glam then why not get them some jewellery, make up or perfume?

TIP: Think of the long run you want the present to last longer than January!

Most wanted gifts

These are a few of the most wanted gifts for HER this Christmas:

Roll Neck Jumper

Perfect for the cold Winter days that are going to be coming for the next 3 months. Easy to wear with jeans as an everyday warm outfit choice.

An Every Day Scarf

The ideal finish to every Winter outfit a luxuriously soft scarf in autumnal tones always puts a smile on her face.

A Pair Of Gloves

Keeping those Fingers warm and adding a bit of style is a perfect combo. Try looking for some with a pom pom on or glitter or pearls to add something special to the gift.

Statement Jewellery

This season we’ve seen a lot of Scandinavian inspired jewellery, very clean and chic with lots of circles as the go to style.


This one is up to you. If your going for practical then try buying a flat boot with faux fur lining or top to give comfort and warmth or if your thinking they like to make a statement then try a textured boot with an animal print


Try this for size

Here’s our choice of the perfect present for HER this Christmas that are sure to be winners!

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This Season’s Trends

New Season Means New Outfits

Yes its time to start thinking of your winter wardrobe! The warm weather seems to have left us at least for the foreseeable future, so we’re giving you a look at this season’s trends at Blue Water to keep you looking great this winter.

Busy Busy

This time of year your busy getting cosy if front of the fire and thinking about getting motivated enough to start christmas shopping let alone trying to figure out whats on trend. Where going to give you an easy list of whats hot and our style recommendations.

Ok So Your Not A Style Guru

And you dont have to be! looking great is simpler than you think take people’s advice use the best parts and make your own decisions on what you feel suits you. We like to see whats around us going into each season taking inspiration from that person you see on the street that stands out to you and pretty much anything else, art, seasonal colours, economic mood, landscapes, designers and so on. In fact most Designers this AW18 have been reacting to the economic mood of the elections and have been calling clothing body armour. Numerous designers discussed the notion of “protection”, explored most literally with Hazmat suits and boots (Calvin Klein) and more commercially via myriad heavy tweeds and a “one coat good, two coats better” approach to autumn layering (Balenciaga, Givenchy, Marni, Prada). Many more discussed the idea of clothes as “armour”, via leather dresses and head-to-toe animal print and a nod to the subversive spirit of the Seventies.

Our Stylist Recommends

This season for us like the above designers has seen Animal and graphic prints resonate throughout our collections along with wool checks and super soft faux fur to keep us warm through the winter months. Check out our stylists recommendations below.

            FAUX FUR                     ANIMAL PRINT                WINTER CHECK


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Sustainable Fashion

Eco makeover

There’s been a shift in the fashion industry recently and you may have picked some of the movement up in the news about Sustainability in manufacturing. In this article we want to show you the importance of this Eco makeover within fashion and how we at Blue Water Clothing are making it our goal to provide our customers with stylish and contemporary Eco fashion brands.

Consciousness and Comfort

Whilst we know style and comfort is paramount were certain we can introduce you to some beautiful and intricate collections to convince you that natural, renewably sourced fibers – such as organic cottons, hemp, bamboo and even nettle are the way forward. Up until recently synthetic fabrics such as polyester, acrylic and nylon have been dominating the fashion industry. As a result the environmental impact of these fibers has become much more significant as they are derived from petrochemicals, meaning their production depends on declining reserves of oil and gas and they are not renewable. Also, their production is energy-intensive, the fibers don’t biodegrade and they are not easy to recycle. To combat this brands are now looking at these more renewable and Eco friendly fabrics such as Tencel and Bamboo to create beautifully soft garments.

Style for you and the environment

After recently visiting several buying shows across the uk and Scandinavia and with hours and hours of researching what we feel is a Blue Water Brand we are eager to introduce you to Australian brand ELK. Their sculptural accessories, hand-made leather and ready-to-wear collections define their artful vision while their devotion to ethical practices has endured them as a leader in the practice of responsible innovation for the fashion industry, oh and the collection is amazing!

Our Favourites

This Autumn we’ve seen alot of caramels and Jade greens through our ranges but we have fallen in love with the denim culottes. Easily styled with a thin knit and accessorized with a chunky necklace and bracelet, dress them up or down with white pumps or a thick soled brogue. See our featured image.

Want to see more from ELK then Click below.